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  • Current Forms

    Hope Students Deep Registration(click here) 

    WE are starting a group that will be reading through a book together. Fill out the commitment form and we will send you the book. 

    Hope Students Council (click here)

    We will be starting a student council who will be making decisions as a group as to the direction we will go, the events we will do sermons we will cover and many other topics. 

Stay in the Loop (Students)

Send a text with the info to the left, and you will always be in the loop with what's goin on and what we are doing!

Upcoming Events

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...

Fireside Chats

This is a bi-monthly event that we do where students can have a chance to ask questions of Pastor Matt and Pastor Julie regarding any topics they want. We can talk about life, relationships, God, the Bible, sex, whatever... Just click the link below to go to the form and answer. It can be completely anonymous, it's up to you. 

Fireside Chats Form